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Welcome to the Northern Third Wards virtual Health Resource Hub. We have collected an assortment of resources pertaining to different health matters to assist those in need. Additional resources will be added as time goes on. The information provided is subject to change.

Health Resources

Doctor_s Appointment

View the Housing scape of the Third Ward and see what characteristics make the Third Ward housing distinct:


A compound of resources that will assist renters in need of financial assistance and finding affordable housing.

Image by Hannah Busing

Resources collected to connect home buyers with organizations and resources that may be essential to the purchasing process.

Doctor's Appointment

Resources collected to assist home buyers and real estate professionals in the process of purchasing and selling real estate.

Doctor's Visit

Resources and specific service providers such as mortgages,  tax protest, wills, & utility assistance, etc. to help Third Ward homeowners.

Food Resources


Credit is an important asset to your financial power. Build and repair your credit for better approvals for apartments, loans, and other amenities. 

Image by Erik Mclean

Resources collected for the benefit of both landlords and tenants.

 Scales of Justice

Legal assistance resources for both property owners and renters.

If you are aware of a resource that you'd like to share with our community, please contact us.

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