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FAQ's and Commonly Asked Questions


Project Implementation.

  • The Northern Third Ward collaborative thrives off continued resident/community participation and offers financial and organizational support toward projects that meet NTW milestones. Community members are encouraged to organize within the NTW subcommittees and bring proposed community projects to life.

  1. The proposed project should initially be brought to the subcommittee for approval. The project must meet NTW project milestones and should fit within the allocated subcommittee budget (Appendix: F). Budget Request forms must be emailed to by COB Wednesday one week prior to the Steering Committee meeting for a vote at the upcoming meeting. 

  2. Once approved at the subcommittee level, a Fund Request application (Appendix: G) must be completed and submitted for Steering Committee approval.

  3. Upon Steering Committee approval, the project can begin to draw down NTW funds via invoice toward project expenses.

How to Accessing NTW Funds? 

  • To access funds, the project lead(s), as listed on the Fund Request form (Appendix: G) must email an invoice (Appendix: H) to the Program Manager.

  • As funds are needed, the requestor should email the Program Manager with the nature of the request and the amount and date needed.  The Program Manager will then route the check request to Change Happens! Accounting Department for processing. The Program Manager will notify the requestor when the check is ready for pickup. 

  • Project lead(s) are responsible for tracking project expenses using the Project Expense Report template (Appendix: I) and will be required to report on project progress & dollars spent at monthly Steering Committee meetings. Upon project completion, will be required to report on total actual dollars spent and project outcomes.

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