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FAQ's and Commonly Asked Questions


How to become a Steering Committee Member?

  • Steering Committee members must be affiliated or otherwise aligned with the Northern Third Ward community. Affiliation includes representation from local residents, churches, non-profits, businesses, community organizations, and government agencies; or others who can provide an ongoing service or talent key to operations.

What are the Subcommittees?

  • NTW subcommittees are tasked with taking actionable steps toward subcommittee milestones
    (Appendix: C) completion. 

    • NTW Implementation efforts are divided into five subcommittees:

    • Housing

    • Neighborhood Building

    • Community Economic Development and Workforce

    • Education

    • Families, Children, and Seniors

How to become a Subcommittee member?

  • To join a subcommittee, contact the appropriate subcommittee chair or NTW Program Manager to be added to the subcommittee email listserv for information on meetings and progress. NTW subcommittee participation is open to both Steering Committee members and non-Steering Committee members.

What are the Subcommittee Chair Responsibilities?​

  • Convene regular subcommittee meetings

    • Develop a subcommittee work strategy adhering to project goals and budget

    • Coordinate subcommittee actions ensuring project milestones are met

    • Provide an oral subcommittee progress report at monthly Steering Committee meetings

    • Provide a quarterly written subcommittee report to the project manager

    • Ensure that an agenda (Appendix: D) is created and followed and that minutes (Appendix: E) are taken for every subcommittee meeting
      * Include Program Manager in all email correspondence at the subcommittee level.

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