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The Change Happens: Northern Third Ward Neighborhood Implementation Project, Education Subcommittee was awarded a $100,000 grant from Good Reason Houston to increase student performance and the number of great schools in Houston’s Third Ward. The grant brings together 15 public, charter, and private schools within the Yates High School feeder zone in a collaborative effort to improve student outcomes across all grade levels in the Third Ward community. The grant will introduce parent engagement strategies and best practices that have proven effective for schools located in inner-city minority neighborhoods. School leaders will have the opportunity to learn from schools across the country through virtual learning tours and will work together to implement parent engagement best practices on each campus.

The Partnering for Success Virtual Learning Tour is a five-part series that focuses on learning effective parent engagement strategies from schools across the country. Five highly respected public and charter schools, that reflect the makeup of the Third Ward community, have been carefully selected to share their programs and successes.

*Implementation funding is available to schools that are project partners. To become a partner sign and email the Partnership Agreement to

To learn more about the Partnering for Success event that lead way to the virtual tour​ click here. 

Session #1

Featuring Washington DC's I Dream Public Charter School (PCS)

The vision of I Dream PCS is to build an intentionally transformative learning community that nurtures children to imagine and fulfill their dreams and aspirations. I Dream's mission is to customize purposeful, self-directed learning opportunities for all learners. Multi-age cohorts, Dream Time, Customized Learning Plans, and Social-Emotional Learning are the core components of our model designed to ignite the passions and curiosity of young learners. Our model motivates them to learn deeply and to fall in love with the challenges of learning in pursuit of their dreams.

Session #2

Coming soon.

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